cy plan 120 lecture 21

cy plan 120 lecture 21 - o CA comm Transitions project o...

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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 21 Presentation 1: Examination and Integration of Down Syndrome - down syndrome children used to die in childhood, but now due to modern medicine they live adulthood - Employment o Competitive employment- have a coach o Supported employment- coach stay longer o WAI- develops guidelines - Government o Social Security Disability Insurance Programs o Supplemental Security Income - Living Options (diff severity requires different care) o Daycare o Independent Living o Assisted Living Presentation 2: Microboards - small board of directors who look after an individual with down syndrome, non profit - set up for individuals with a Developmental Disability - Self Determination o Lanterman Act 1969 – eligible to receive services immediately o ADA integrate as soon as possible o Olmstead not be kept from community o Com Choice- funding for institution and commuunity - Current Living Options o Live with parents group home or institution
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Unformatted text preview: o CA comm. Transitions project o CCF/ICF/ Group Homes – one size fits all o Support Living – roommates/ need parents still Agency overhead-Regional Center o 1998 Self-Determination Pilot/ 35 families/ 5 areas/ may continue but no new families o Individual Choice – 500 families at each location 2 Micro 1. Circle of support 2. Medicaid Provider- no high overhead/ $ comes Epilepsy-disorder cluster of nerve cells/ increase in developed countries-causes genetic or result of injury/ psychological stress causes the epilepsy-80% ppl going under treatment experience less seizures Parents with Disabilities-30% disabled adults are parents/ more likely married to disabled with disabled children-Places where children play make accessible/ new items to allow better parenting Transportation- BART mobile only thing – online receive texts for when elevators is out...
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cy plan 120 lecture 21 - o CA comm Transitions project o...

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