Cy Plan 120 Lecture 25

Cy Plan 120 Lecture 25 - -historical buildings no longer...

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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 25 Presentation 1: Designing for Accessibility - design for the user without losing historical significance - accessibility in public places to a lesser degree - circulation (stairs) and signage (people speak different languages) are the two biggest accessibility barriers - designed in 1929 so it was not accessible - entrance: now two- one is original and the other is the accessible entrance - many of the doors inside are double doors which are kept open - private organization so they have to raise funds themselves which is primarily why the building became a hotel
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Unformatted text preview: -historical buildings no longer function as they did originally; need to redesign before they become obsolete Presentation 2: Spinal Cord Injury Care-direct or indirect to spinal cord-often placed in nursing homes; however, there is also an in home care option Presentation 3: Fair Housing Act-let you know within a hundred days whether they accepted or rejected your request/ not reality- 197 days more typical-interview: the fair housing act was easy to avoid/ now that he knows about it he says it is easier to get around moving in people with disabilities...
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