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Cy Plan 120 Lecture 26 Presentation 1 - go home @ night, but go somewhere else during the day - socialization and care - Senior housing is the better option because as people age they experience physical change, loss of ability to do everyday tasks. They need security, companionship, and meals with the right nutrition - Senior housing is age restricted and the facility is responsible for maintenance - Active communities allow residents to be free of the responsibility of home ownership, but does not have health services support
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Unformatted text preview: -Cars are parked on the sidewalk because it is easier for residents to walk on the sidewalk/ the sidewalks are lower Presentation 2: PTSD in Female Iraqi Vets-there is an increase in the number women in Veteran affairs-11% in 2008 were women vets from Afghanistan and Iraq-PTSD is severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to a traumatic event-This can lead to poor relationships, upsetting dreams, anger, guilt or shame, trouble concentrating...
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