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ED 100 Lecture 1 - -how a city works to make it...

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ED 100 Lecture 1 1/18/11 Class is about: - what cites are, how they work, how the change - focus will not be on just one city or a bunch of case histories - identify general features, problems, dynamics - examples will be used to extract or identify general dynamics - people have been living in cities for about 8,000 years yet we have no clear concept of a city - they don’t just grow, but they change First week readings can be downloaded - drastic changes in urban setting/ radical changes - change in space and in context and in social space - different social groups understand cities differently - depends on social group answering and the time period Talk through of course - how different the city is from preindustrial/ moment when two concepts become relevant: utopia and dystopia - utopia – what a good city should be, how it can be made better, people tried to make a utopia real - dystopia – fear of self, fear of dangerous classes
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Unformatted text preview: -how a city works to make it better-dangers of class (ghettos, enclaves, and margins-differences in space-not urban revolution, but change/ -Fordist – different way of producing and moving which resulted in a change of consumption-Modernization change depending on context or where city is -Cities burning, how to respond to people burning their city-By ‘80’s looking to what is now-Recognition of other subjects that act on a city-Public space all share, but different culture and ethnicity demands, uses-Globalization and what happens to a city-Physical part of city/ countryside is losing out to cities as they become regions Those intent on taking the class should follow the syllabus online and reading Need the book: Holy Land There will be a midterm, final, and paper No section 1 st week...
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