ED 100 Lecture 2

ED 100 Lecture 2 - between countryside and city becomes...

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ED 100 Lecture 2 1/20/11 Announcement: Reader should be ready by tomorrow afternoon possibly 1. Urban Change 2. Space 3. Social Identity City could have come before the Neolithic revolution because many villages came together to create a city Neolithic Revolution - Sustained food surplus - Non directly productive labor - Allowed to stay safely in one place Political City (First Urban Revolution) - political control (princes, priests, warriors) - administration (law makers, scribes, tax collectors) - a little speck in natural world Commercial City XIV c. (Second Urban Revolution) - political control administration - economic control (bankers, merchants) - no market in city, but had to be changed - public was open to everyone - city had inclusion and exclusion - public space is market Transition from Agrarian to Urban Global Urbanism Industrial City XIX c. (Third Urban Revolution) - political control, administration, economic control (industrialists, bankers) Urban Globalism ?????? - somewhere communication and industry, the appearance of contradiction
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Unformatted text preview: between countryside and city/ becomes competitor of country-Urbanity itself force of what city is about-Now there are smaller steps of change Space dynamic force that produces change-spatial dynamic or social space-special practice/ physical space -1. Representation of Space-2. Space Representation -Produce a space-Space is an active influence on a city/ just as much as time -Symbolic or imaginary space think how these represent a city or parts of it-Example: east LA is thought to be a dangerous place; however, its crime rate is close to the same as Santa Monica-Spatial symbolism makes the city. For instance in a commercial city there were no buildings higher than the church. This influenced physical space.-Areas are connected to social identity-Many identities depending upon context become more important.-Establishing community who share taste and interact...
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ED 100 Lecture 2 - between countryside and city becomes...

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