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ED 100 Lecture 4 Tie between Utopia and fear - a company town is different. Pullman did not see anything wrong with capitalism. His problem was with the city. He felt it corrupted workers. - Pullman wanted reforms or Utopia. City cannot be repaired. It needed to be fixed. Should have been reformed. Utopia was a way to change things. Abandoning city to build an alternative. Unionization. Externalize the danger. Make sure that the dangers are outside of the sphere. Treat workers well and they were happy. Response to fear of riots. Fear of workers in opposition. Company town is a response to fear. Try to keep danger out. - Filter of population/ proper supervision/ only one place workers could not go in the town of Pullman. It was the hotel because it was the one place where alcohol was sold. - Keeping the danger out is key and also the failure of company towns. Isolation, the keep safe, is also the failure. Pullman died in the strike lead by his workers. He wanted to keep everyone employed, but there was not a lot of
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