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ED 100 Lecture 6 - o New Deal – aimed at blocking the...

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ED 100 Lecture 6 RPAA – Regional Planning Association of America - established in 20’s during crazy rush of urbanization - time to figure order of city/ how grows/ Chicago – analytical school for sociologists and not action oriented - planning is action/ what to do next/ object of research - biased view that is typically American / democracy of farmers/ antisprawl/ ameba like thing and find a way of stopping it/ build controllable towns with greenbelts that will stop and contain the city/ the scale of the intervention was regional - not predetermined but depends on interests/ urban impact recognize/ defining urban region - context of movie great depression and Roosevelt administration
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Unformatted text preview: o New Deal – aimed at blocking the Great Depression/ intervention/ absorb unemployment and creating income to restart the economy o Freeways and housing – idea to build with government money/ new towns and garden cities limit city, create employment, create housing-Initial plan to build four garden city/ only built 3-Movie was an advertisement/ collage of the three cities/ they are no longer cities but suburbs Movie: The City -never too big to manage/ green space-cities have poison in the air/ taking chances with their children-built into country/ not crowd past fit for living...
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