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ED 100 Lecture 7 Chicago School - people with money have an upper hand in choosing best places/ poor are left with higher density - people progress and move out/ black belt goes across zones - Venice beginning of ghetto starts/ beginning of 1600 economic power of Venice crumbled/ lose control of Mediterranean Sea/ who do we blame for decay and moral decenter - More blame to people/ bearers of diseases - Jews were needed for commerce so could not just send them away/ solution was to put them in the ghetto with limitations - Space interesting because ghetto had a clear spatial difference (surrounded by water) - 3 aspects = symbolic, social, and physical - Physical space helps explain social and symbolic space - Senate is telling us what social identity is and how it is produced/ not built in, but it is produced - Jackson 20 th century/ ghetto policy unexpected consequences –production unexpected - New Deal overcome Great Depression/ build houses increase the living for many people and establishes housing market/ bank reform that allows easier mortgages
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Unformatted text preview: -Mortgages were easier to get, written for a longer period of time, and had regular payments Levittown, N.Y. 1948 (mass produced suburb)-easier to get loan on home than apartment/ auto made it easier to get to the suburb/ loan was easier to get for a new building than for renovation/ economic stability/ helping along a decline of urban core leaving immigrants and poor/ red lining/ became prisoners of space-restructuring decline of manufacturing/ rust belt factories closing one after another/ socially eroded the middle class-far from being simple phenomenon/ actually complex-state intervention concerning ghetto/ facilitate creation of ghettos-creation of public space/ Hausseman had public spaces that were difficult to recognize-remaking of Paris implied expulsion of all those that live in the medieval of Paris-making of ghetto differently in different spaces...
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