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ED 100 Lecture 9

ED 100 Lecture 9 - ED 100 Lecture 9 Edward Said on...

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ED 100 Lecture 9 Edward Said on Orientalism - revolution on Middle East/ post modern theory/ why? Preconceived notion of people in the Middle East/ end result that reflects certain interest/ lens that distorts people/ unfamiliar and strange/ seemed threatening - 1. preceding 1973 there were images depicting how weak arabs were and easily beaten - 2. disparity of being arab and how they are perceived The Repertory of Orentalism - sensual woman used by the men/ did not get realistic picture/ the ME stays the same/ image outside of history that is eternal - produced knowledge of Egypt for the Europeans The Colonial City - Algiers and Casablanca - Cities change, but these cities are frozen in time outside of normal progression - Europeans came and collected knowledge about the orient/ they structured themselves as above the orient - Imperialism – the practice theory or attitude imposed on a distant place - Colonialism – sub project of imperialism - Metro core process of bringing in to these centers
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