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ED 100 Lecture 11

ED 100 Lecture 11 - made fine china and rugs-McCormick...

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ED 100 Lecture 11 Themes: time, space, social identity, Utopia and fear - social construction of identity - representation, perceived space, presentation to begin show when you look at a space Time - smaller changes happen as time passes/ shopping mall important change Fordism - phase in social, econ, cultural, spatial development of capitalism - capitalism periodic crises/ not just external or random - oil embargo 1930 crises/ structural - [look online for slides] - New restructured form - Failed revolution in 1940 new restructure of competitive capitalism - Larger labor force made it cheap Crisis Theory - regime of accumulation - just because a country produces more goods does not automatically mean that the market will be able to absorb it - need regulatory mechanism - Consumption - America had produced times for agriculture and weapon while other countries
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Unformatted text preview: made fine china and rugs-McCormick reaper outdid the person-Colt Revolver was better than anything Britain had produced-Hobb Lock picked all exhibited locks while no one could pick his-Industry did better and better-Britain visited factories and discovered assembly/ they could put things together without adjustment/ interchangeable parts-1. working to gauge-2. scientific management/ owners did not know how it works/ knew what was needed and how long it would take/ new way to evaluate/ control over case of work/ foreman tells who is working slow-Separation between conception of wok and execution-Link between wages and productivity-3. component o Ford himself/ Taylorism and Fordism – need both...
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