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ED 100 Lecture 13 Modernity - social and economic changes process becoming modern Urbanization - mass production, need to develop mass consumption, restructure working class - standardization and integration/ concrete and cement/ cost of house goes down - industry expand more physical space - small firms need help/ need activity/ locate where you can find external services when you need it/ as you go you internalize these services/ more mobile/ labor used to be mobile/ can go where labor is/ towns offer tax break
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Unformatted text preview: to get industry or firm/ after tax breaks firm moved away/ mobile 60s-Growth satellite town less and less dependent of central city-Increase in modernization means progress/ following this line of reasoning means things are getting better/ not like us is worse/ urban is better than village/ take off boom of machine/ maturity slow down with reorganization/ creating social space for new social class/ passed from modernization to modernism...
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