ED 100 Lecture 14

ED 100 Lecture 14 - ED 100 Lecture 14 Brazilia crystallizes...

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ED 100 Lecture 14 Brazilia - crystallizes paradigm of modernity - elements everywhere/ US modernist planned - state can change the social by planning - transform unwanted present by future which is radically different - radical change is attractive/ wipe slate clear - stage craft and state craft/ modern states used planned state work to stage their country the way they envisioned for the future/ projects can transform nation - new modes of collective living/ transform nuclear family - shrinking of private apartment/ working libraries, clubs, sports facilities - cities develop as expression of society/ now the opposite - environmental determinism - CIAN - Difference between capital and nation/ master plan founding for history/ talked about Thebes and Rome/ paid low cost for material/ used poetry language - Negates contemporary - Gov did same in population of city/ 3 ½ years later/ without a history revealed - The present and no place comparison/ transform world/ same rational Utopia want to be built by using what exists
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