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ED 100 Lecture 19 - -Question of identity black power...

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ED 100 Lecture 19 - City search for order - Battle of Algiers: cracks appeared in colony that brought down the order o Factors were converging - 1968: year that shaped a generation Vietnam/ protest against war - Limits of Fordism/ mass consumption and mass society does not mean full inclusion/ beginning of revolt for participation that had been excluded - Exclusion is linked to identity and ethnicity - Blacks strike/ 12,000 demonstrate in support of garbage collectors/ Memphis suppose to be march/ police went into crowd and took people/ there were people in crowd who stirred up trouble - MLK Jr. assassinated/ seemed last hope for racial equality gone
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Unformatted text preview: -Question of identity/ black power counter culture/ minority claims identity not given to them, but taken or created-Experimenting with drugs, music, and relationships/ nothing more exhilarating than a change of consciousness Student Revolt -1968 year of student/ rebellious atmosphere/ disrespect for intellectual activity/ students torn down fence/ Columbia University disaffiliates with military think tank and stop construction of gym over a park International not different/ context was politicized in US/ Marxist effect around world Opening Space for difference...
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  • English-language films, Martin Luther King, Jr., Memphis, Tennessee, student/ rebellious atmosphere/

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