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ED 100 Lecture 20 - -Notoriety not possible always taking a...

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ED 100 Lecture 20 60’s did not trigger any big change, but it gave a lot of food for thought - all of this happening in cities - bringing Marxism to areas where it had not ventured - class conflict in production/ supports success/ result of tension between extremes - new study that dealt with ideologies psychological reasons that hid the truth - geographical analysis of space/ diff counties in diff stages of development/ in diff nation states became same in their development/ association exploitation over space/ more advanced nations exploit others not as developed under development is necessary for capitalism - Marxism response to industrial revolution
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Unformatted text preview: -Notoriety not possible/ always taking a side-Capitalism cannot be reformed/ Utopians went where cap was not there-Commodity – something produced from sale on market-Value created in market in production process/ not paid a wage equal to value of commodity-Labor commodity that talks back-Enclaves are a place where social codes are diffused within a network-Use value of memories/ reappropriate space without paying value/ people’s park or squatter settlements o City place of consumption o Collective commodities (theater, baseball games) o Collective consumption greatest opportunity for profit...
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