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ED 100 Lecture 22 Major problem leading to crises Fordism - counting on ever expanding productivity gains - counting on ever expanding market and mass consumption - crises was the dominance of mass production - now moving to a service city, not much industrial activity - material effect in planning/ changed land use away from industrial use - data commodity for market, but won’t hurt if you drop it on your foot - no car manufacture makes more than 50% of cars - many firms do not have the economy of scale - split in production/ half produced in cheaper countries, but designs made here - better to have diversity of firms/ opportunity for innovation being close together - fragmented small markets - other restructuring going on at same time/ particularly social/ women’s rights/ disabled people/ animal rights/ immigrants/ gays - less recognition in these groups - architecture is a cultural movement - modernism explains reality/ whatever world view we share same way of
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Unformatted text preview: organizing knowledge/ modernist knowledge is history-knowledge: talking about the world/ knowledge reflection of reality-perfect copy of an original = does not exist-pay attention to detail and local stories/ look at marginal view-1819 Great Britain did not have districts, but not because they were not created/ been all along but marginalized and made invisible-Regional science starts creating hierarchy of cities/ not one hierocracy always valid-Networks better way of thinking of cities social norms-Recognition of whether right/ things happen quickly/ no norm social control difficult/ have rely on force w/ police intervention -We are getting back fear of the other-Fordism social fear displaced/ everyone end up the same/ feared thing not the other/ now difference and fear of other returns...
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