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ED 100 Lecture 25 Global Hypothesis - global economy is controlled by New York, London, and Tokyo - more connected to other global cities than to its surrounding cities - all cities global city: different ways to be global - shifts in economic relationships and production process - homogenization of identity - highest economic activity that creates profit is in core countries like USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia/ other countries provide labor or resources - culturalist critique culture in global scene/ Disney castle is a replica of something that does not actually exist in the real world/ iconic and recognizable - Starbucks in Shanghai/ transnational class competition/ globalize professionals Global Society - came from social movements/ organize people in global identity or cause
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Unformatted text preview: -instant global identity and consciousness from seeing picture or whole earth-world system approach-cities as production and urban space/ more dynamics/ what creates cities-four main factors that make a city global: o HQ of big companies o presence of international finance o presence of key mobile and communication modes o existence of high level business services-people can move wherever to work/ no need to live in city for good job/ global banks became concentrated in NY-communications allows corporation location to move from centers-becoming distant from places that are located next to each other-charity of global cities...
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