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ED 100 Lecture 27 - -form of urbanization happening in...

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ED 100 Lecture 27 - Change created in the city - Different rights to space and culture and other urban aspects - Change economically/ industrial city first and then Fordism - White people retreated to the suburbs, but there are ethnoburbs and worker suburbs Megalopolis (Jean Gottman, 1957) - one big city/ large urban spaces - sprawl attacks countryside/ takes over Desakota Region/ means “village city” - in between city and rural/ both elements co-existing - people in China send money home/ migrants filling cities/ open door policies
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Unformatted text preview: -form of urbanization happening in China is not typical (people coming together in one center and growing)/ instead formation of city in terms of villages growing larger and forming city-Urbanization in China took this kind of growth-Reaching global scale/ not based on centrality-Soon villages will be gone from city-Villages are participating in the way the villages works...
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