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ED 100 Section 5 - cities factory one area people more than...

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ED 100 Section 5 Colonialism: Hong Kong - French imposed ideology on Arabs - British took over HK/ Chinese Elite and British worked together to make HK a place for business - Diff clubs and association from those ruling HK/ identity who stayed shaped by clubs - Duality between conquerors and conquered Space, time, social identity, physical space, marginalization - Looking at readings through light/ shape and people and identity The Nature of Cities - internal structure and support/ urban core organized around structure - separate nuclei appear/ cause: transport, increased rent - key point: physical shape stems from nuclei - Big city with grid easy to move around/ rural slower pace, lack of connectivity, curvilinear - Now not one central location in city/ neighborhoods- fill in space with roads
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Unformatted text preview: cities/ factory one area people more than everyone over there-Fordism – spread of industry, keeping boom/ labor control-City: forced people to move out of core/ factories moved from city center-Fordism – easier to build/ faster rate/ consumer good/ efficient manufacture-Infrastructure large parcels out of city core/ network-Beginning of zoning to segregate uses-Creating labor that is paid enough to consume all the goods produced-Value of culture in suburbs/ value green space/ ppl move now for school social institutions/ missing culture and entertainment centers Margaret Crawford-Utopia of Consumption-Move from values of then to now-Identity through selection of commodities-Market economy stimulates consumption...
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