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ED 100 Section 6 - be together Lee – modernism rapid/...

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ED 100 Section 6 Modernity – living today in space of time/ improvement/ reveals ignorance and backwardsness Modernism – negate the past and those values/ way of understanding modern Modern – a process/ industrial - constituted by the machine - reluctant as being part of a whole - modern age lost touch with modernity - tradition feeds identity, but if modernism negates it then why does it want to leave tradition behind? - Incentive to be progressive/ stuck in the past you cannot transform - Without tradition or past where do you draw your identity?/ to swipe slate clean, is a modern thought - How identities are built in a city by acknowledging the past/ anti Chicago school = Brasilia since it is not an organic city - Fully developed/ no growth/ dead end - Utilitarian - Valued people with nature/ Corbusier have green open space where people could
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Unformatted text preview: be together Lee – modernism rapid/ physical structure closed cultural gap-Shanghai physical really affected social change in city-Changed activities/ we go to cities for something-Modernization occur in strict form like Brasilia, but also in a chaotic fabric Shanghai-Shanghai embraced why? Brasilia no?/ diversity of residents in shanghai had affect/ Brasilia had only government officials – lack diversity/ narrow social life Houlston – move center for better control of country/ planned standardization/ shanghai modernity from capitalism The experience of now – always in modernity-Modernism way of representing modernity or theory of now-Guiding knowledge ontology-Not shared world view/ notion of way we should be/ both cities are modern...
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