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ED 100 Section 7

ED 100 Section 7 - not advanced go back to romanticized...

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ED 100 Section 7 No Monday section after spring break Extension on proposal – Tuesday 29 th / hard copy in lecture Fordism - regulation/ 1 st mass production mass consumption Roy - tradition and geographical political/ multimodernism Casbah and veil/ squatter of Brasilia are not tradition/ post not end/ interlude/ not the revitalization of tradition but the surplus of modernity - 100 yrs of solitude example/ people lost memory/ could not pull on traditions if you cannot remember they exist/ modern turning back/ post another layer - Vegas good mimic/ Calcutta cardboard which burned was not a good mimic/ difference: cultural or social context made them legitimate or not - Whitman different perspective because he was already modern/ D point of view/ Russian envious if not true representation/ Russian not developed yet - Being in developed placed mimicry acceptable/ not developed country - Zoot suit form of mimicry/ then criticized for mimic - Modernism pretends to shun tradition/ Calcutta part of global order that has
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Unformatted text preview: not advanced/ go back to romanticized tradition/ modernity unique moment that is new/ pinnacle reached nothing left-Stay in modernity too long becomes tradition Celik-tradition of Casbah/ French – Casbah so authentic wanted to preserve for tourism/ Christian fighting against the Islamic religion/ mystified by religion and sexuality because they were hidden -Veil – only worn outside of house/ protection against men outside home/ women do not enter public space/ moving from private space/ facade of homes like a veil/ French create green belt/ Casbah green belt/ new urban housing different from tradition reversal of space-People not as comfortable in the other-Battle of Algiers use a lot of examples from -The other not the same/ we become the other as well one side is published/ by looking at it realize the other argument against-Notion of mimicry of authentic and to become un authentic-Making and remaking of space...
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