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ED 100 Section 8 - not as clear as rural and city anymore...

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ED 100 Section 8 Situationist - stuffy order breakdown/ alienation/ living thing not dead space - image saturated world/ not real social interaction - SI – experimental, directed, organic, opposite of Fordist city, reclaiming space, participatory planning, empowerment of people - Critique of Fordist city and way of organization - Organic city is more what people want and shaping the city 2 nd Article - social ideology fills social functions/ social economical shape the space/ not material, but imaginary/ urbanism product of city shaped by preference of mass society - society shape urban growth and form - real and specific object and theoretical/ not from city, but theoretical city/ not just one way to look at it - redefining the specifics of city/ conflict of space and concept of space/ help to identify the identity of a city through appropriation of space/ places have meaning/ city different from the way Chicago school defined it/ difference is
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Unformatted text preview: not as clear as rural and city anymore/ conflict over definition of lines-complexity in understanding urbanism beyond the Chicago school Urban Social Movement-system of practices by urban agents/ balance state/ powers off struggles among people-Social movement creates change/ case by case study-Resources effect survival of movement-Diff organization impact identity and change, facilities understanding and change/ non profits hug-Most knowledge to mobilize people and system-Institutions that help that movement/ petition empowerment and source of identity/ not ask and get/ movement and empowerment and funding institutions-Planning at its form/ government gets stuck doing things in one way/ cities are not linear historical or tradition-Left impact to traffic calming/ spatial design, commercial design, and people/ influenced by people who travel-Experience differently = complex...
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