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ED 100 Section 10

ED 100 Section 10 - -preservation = culture can become...

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ED 100 Section 10 Alcoff Discussion - can speak @ city council against something/ is it effective? - Hard to measure effectiveness because expert opinion vs. local opinion - Cy plan trying to address everyone’s needs then nothing will get done/ importance of infrastructure for voicing public opinion Featherstone - culture in a city highlighted by post-modernism/ value in local culture - using physical to shape universal social identity
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Unformatted text preview: -preservation = culture can become frozen and no longer authentic Harvey-from production to service economy-move to jobs or stay in place in culture-white left behind in post-fordism are like minorities left behind in fordism Li-creation of ethnoburb/ enclaves need way in/ people travel just for food-culture is fluid (different perspectives)...
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