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UGBA M2L1 Production and Quality = manufacturing, service operations, and quality Manufacturing- process selection, project management, site selection, supply chain Outsourcing: make versus “buy it in” Efficient diagonal- many ways; however, only one right Tasks of the Production System Provide what the customer wants, when they want it Meet or exceed customer’s expectations for “quality” Achieve the lowest possible cost ADP- universal paycheck company Why bike factory not make paint? Another company makes paint better. Old View: Control Production Henry Ford’s River Rouge Plant- not important anymore Marketing planning, what to sell, design, advertising Manages information and relationships Is not product-focused = stuck in a product Moves quickly to satisfy customer needs
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Unformatted text preview: Production Processes 1. Job shop- often one of a kind, many products 2. Batch production- limited product line, short runs; different batches 3. Assembly line 4. Continuous flow- high volume, limited product line; 24 hours Some key success factors by type of process 1. Job shop Flexibility, understand customer requirements; make different things each day 2. Batch production Minimize changeover time; correct batch size 3. Assembly line Enough sales to justify; JIT inventory; shut down the factory when 4. Continuous flow Statistical Process Control (SPC); automation; round the clock operation Efficient Diagonal- making your own gas is “off the efficient diagonal”, assembly line for cookies Flow Chart Document the process Preparation step is something you could have done last night...
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