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UGBA M2L2 - (Most units produced per hour Bottlenecks...

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UGBA M2L2 For which production process is minimizing changeover time a key success factor? Batch processing. Delay Loop when a decision comes into play. Some variants on production processes Speeding up a process Sequence of complex activities Gantt charting Flexible Manufacturing Factory to do multiple tasks Depends on banks of “CNC” – computer numeric controlled machines Brings the efficiencies of a production-line to batch (even one-off!) jobs Mass Customization- use mass production for unique goods Make Factory More Efficient Make goods with little waste as possible Smallest amount of inputs Quickly as possible Responsive to change if fast More throughput for the same investment in a factory = more profit per investment Less “work in progress” – blank metal, shaped, then waiting for paint – sitting around, less likely to be damaged by accident Factory Layout Arrange order for maximum goods through factory for maximum throughput
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Unformatted text preview: (Most units produced per hour) Bottlenecks occurs Bottleneck Wherever there are multiple machine processes, bottlenecks are inevitable Slows down whole process, limits rate of factory as a whole Half finished goods pile up Single point in factory that limits the rate per hour of the factory as a whole. Eliminate one bottleneck, another occurs German factory Managing a complex process Manufacturing - > project management (project- do once) Process- can be improved Make a list of activities, note duration of each activity, not lead times, note the dependencies, then make gantt chart Gantt chart Plan backwards from date and see when to start We can check and see what we should be working on at this time Setup milestones Manage and monitor and control the process To get not-complete items done- outsourcing Not complete- money or people into it...
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UGBA M2L2 - (Most units produced per hour Bottlenecks...

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