UGBA M3L7 - UGBA M3L7 How firms raise money Forms of...

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UGBA M3L7 How firms raise money Forms of Business How firms raise capital (combinations) Bank loans- equipment Common stock (shares) Corporate bonds Forms of Business Most big businesses—but not all—are “Public Corporations” Intro to “Forms of Business” Key concepts: 1. Control- toy r us competition with walmart transformed into baby r us 2. Liability- what happens if you do not pay what owe; when something goes wrong, pay for it For debts For “tortuous acts” 3. Ability to raise capital for the firm 4. Taxes- taxes on profit and again on dividends 5. Taking profits from the enterprise Sole Proprietorship: Advantages Easy to start up – easier in other states; mike lee “Fictitious Name Registration” (CA) “d/b/a” (“doing business as” in other states) Complete control Pay taxes on your income tax Sole Proprietorship: Disadvantages Hard to get funding Unlimited liability Difficult to sell (in whole or part) Partnership: Advantages Pooling of talents Additional financial resources Fairly easy to start up- register with secretary of state Profits are taxed on the partners individual income taxes (no taxes paid at the Partnership level) – additional on personal Partnership Disadvantages Share the profits Need to reach consensus
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It may be very hard to sell your interest in the firm, if you want to leave Termination/inheritance problems- not working just cashing Liability, in general . .. Individual liability- if business does not have dip into saving Some partnerships have two types of Partner: General partners – developer or builder Have unlimited liability … but get to call the shots; all cost of crushing car with crane
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UGBA M3L7 - UGBA M3L7 How firms raise money Forms of...

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