UGBA M4L1 - UGBA M4L1 Northwest plane- asleep or terrorist...

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UGBA M4L1 Northwest plane- asleep or terrorist take over; the pilots did not respond for 78 minutes; performance matters; how do you get people to do their jobs the way they were suppose to all the time; takes 1000 to get plane on and off carrier; everyone has to do job right or death The Conceptual Framework Status Report: The Current State of the U.S. Workforce Implications for Business Fundamental Building Blocks for a Company Fast Food Wars—How to win? Developing the Management Team Workforce Generations Baby Boomers (b. 1946 – 1964) Baby Busters (b. 1965 – 1983) Baby Boomlets (b. 1984 – 2002) Status Report: The context for managing people. The workforce is getting older. A lot of boomers in the work force. More Boomers in current workforce than other two generations. Average age of workforce around 45. Boomers nearing retirement. Large wave of retirements expected starting in 2010 Status Report The workforce is getting smaller—fewer people entering the workforce than those leaving the workforce. Up to date on skills; next year first of boomers retire; organizations might lose their top 77 million Boomers will be replaced by 66 million Busters 11 million person gap By 2008, the number of young adult workers entering the labor force (25- 40) will shrink by 1.7 million. The workforce is becoming more ethnically diverse. Challenge because different cultures and motivations; what holidays; for culturally sensitive companies difficult; do you tell that person to follow company policy By 2020, US population will be 63% White, 13% African American, 7% Asian, 16% Hispanic. In CA, population will be 40% White, 60% minorities and immigrants
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UGBA M4L1 - UGBA M4L1 Northwest plane- asleep or terrorist...

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