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UGBA M4L7 - what substance really important to perform in...

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UGBA M4L7 Given the relationship between job satisfaction and productivity (performance), which of the following should you do to increase productivity on your project team? Not making satisfaction after performance Tell each team member the performance outcomes you expect and indicate what reward each member will receive if the outcomes are produced Which of the following theories of motivation says that performance is motivated by giving people meaningful work? Two-factor theory- motivation by the work itself; others from outside the person 1. identifying high performers- might invest in them, reward, or use as trainers- most likely to leave- another job waiting for them; low performers to improve their performance, do they agree with your measurement; if people disagree, they focus on fighting; if they agree, focus on improvement
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Unformatted text preview: what substance; really important to perform in job behavior or outcomes; job behavior and work outcomes; talk service out of old service for new one; no net gain; badgered by sale representatives; added revenue from switching to both how measure content objective measures- could end up with the same results; can count; did someone do this or not- observation; and subjective measures- make a judgment about; the quality of their performance; most common type of evaluation; disagreement because draw own judgments; as great agreement; performance ratings; scale reflects level of performance Performance management Source determines answer; cant do- not having all the ability; wont do- motivation; ability through coach and training; motivation techniques;...
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