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Something in personality to seek growth and expansion Think past what needs to be done today Risk taker, but it is not that you like risk- risking regret Existing Business Easier to get financing Friends, Family, and Fools- they are taking a chance on you Venture capital started in SF Less than 1% funded by venture capitalists- invest other people’s money Venture capitalists invest in the person- all about cash flow Business plan a must Executive summary finance sheet then business plan
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Unformatted text preview: Focus on a few key products Need sustainable competitive advantage Getting a small percent in large market you are still not a player Better to have larger percentage Getting into market where leader has 65% of market- tough to get in Go for small percent leader Important to have one culture Do spend all your time on financials- your process and how you are going to make money Where you are going to break even Customer pain- what are they struggling with...
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