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UGBA Notes Lecture 6 When is the old saying “price signals quality” not applicable? For goods that customers can inspect and test before buying The image value of Portuguese Water dogs has recently gone up since one moved into the White House. What effect for breeders of these dogs? They can charge more money, even if the quantity sold is the same. Product value stays the same. Channel of Distribution Intermediaries - > Wholesalers - > Retailers Intermediaries- reduce the number of transactions Availability- right selection; right place; right quantity “Bulk breaking” Financing- pay at end of month the manufacture; give you the money to buy product
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Unformatted text preview: Information- Macy could provide the information like color and sizes about customer preferences Storage Merchant Wholesalers- purchase goods from producers; take title; ex: realtor Agents & Brokers- does not own the goods Automated “picking” – find right product in right place Supermarket- groceries store Club- Sam’s Club Convenience- slightly more Category Killer- Baby’s R Us Discount & Dollar- cheap Specialty- camera store Department- Sear’s and Macy’s; diminishing in importance Flight to familiar- go back to what you already know Internet- a channel or a medium Third Party Logistics – 3pl the distributor...
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