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UGBA Notes Lecture 7

UGBA Notes Lecture 7 - UGBA Notes Lecture 7...

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UGBA Notes Lecture 7 Containerization allows consolidating loads Consolidating loads: “Mid-stream lightering” – Importance of Balancing the Load Consolidation: to join together into a whole Lighter: a barge that doesn’t have an engine Why do we need know who “has title”? In disaster, who owns? To have title: the legal right of ownership To have possession: to hold- may or may not amount to ownership Ex: post-divorce custody battles- one parent has “custody” but the other parent holds the child Example: Your cousin’s Toyota Corolla Logistics means physical distribution and information. Why is information important to retailers? They can adjust prices of their current goods in stock knowing when the next shipment will arrive Why is RFID (radio frequency identification) important for Containerization? Allows logistics firms to know the exact location of each container in transit Permits pre-screening of shipment documents by customs officials before goods arrive
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