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Unformatted text preview: A pproved Um rah T ravel Agents in Sudan C O MPANY P hone No. Sudan ABU DHABI TRAVEL & TOURISM AGENCY L LC 0024983783536 Sudan AL HADIGA TRAVEL & TOURISM AGENCY 00249183760844 Sudan AL LAM TRANSPORT AND TOURISM AGENCY 00249183744673 Sudan ALMAYAS TRAVEL AGENCY 00249183742552 Sudan ALM IZAB TRAVEL & TOURISM AGENCY 00249183742447 Sudan CENTRAL TRAVEL & TOURISM AGENCY 00249183476562 Sudan DESTINATION OF COUNTRIES FOR TRAVEL & TOURISM 00249183770084 Sudan EL GEDARIF TRAVEL & TOURISM AGENCY 00249122529465 Sudan GUMAM TRAVEL & TOURISM AGENCY 00249183769972 Sudan ODNA TRAVEL & TOURISM AGENCY 0024915780752 Sudan PORT SUDAN TRAVEL & TOURISM 00249127150950 Sudan SYROM TRAVEL, TOURISM & AIR CARGO AGENCY 00249183768121 Sudan TASAHEEL TRAVEL AGENCY TOURISM 0024983777384 Sudan TINEER TRAVEL & TOURISM AGENCY 0024951184929 Sudan WAAD TRAVEL & TOURISM AGENCY 00249183762922 ...
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