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AMERICAN INTERVENTIONS IN THE MUSLIM WORLD: Before & Beyond 9/11 Qadar Bakhsh Baloch 1 Since September 2001 till today, that is, just within five years, the United States has lost much of its good will and probably all of its moral foundations essentially because of its foreign policy, its imperialistic attitude of not listening to its allies and its outright disdain for international law, erosion of its moral grounds and imposition of its own culture and values upon others. Botched diplomacy, imperialistic policies and brutal expression of its power have left legacy of resentment, fear and anxiety especially in the Muslims World. Resultantly the overwhelming emotional sympathy, and spirit of solidarity with the US, which was visible five years ago has largely diminished. This paper intends to look “before and beyond 9/11" by connecting the dots between the complex and changing dynamics that shape attitudes across the Muslim World and, identify the factors that produce extremism and violence. The ultimate purpose of this analysis is to find out how best to "bridge the widening gaps" between US led Western and the Muslim, world. Let us see how William Blum sums up this situation: “ It's not our music or our films or our clothing styles that create anti- American terrorists. It's not or our wealth or our secular government or our so-called democracy that creates insurgents in Iraq. It's what we DO to people all over the world -- all the bombings, the invasions, the occupations, the torture, the breaking down of doors, the humiliation ... How can it be otherwise? Why wouldn't people hate the US government for such things? If some foreign power bombed, invaded and occupied the United States without any valid provocation or legal justification, what would Americans think of that foreign power? Wouldn't they want to resist in any way they could?” 1 1 . Mr. Qadar Bakhsh Baloch, a PhD Research Scholar in the Department of International Relations, University of Peshawar, is serving as Additional Registrar, in Qurtuba University of Science and Information Technology, D.I.Khan, Pakistan. E.Mail: [email protected] 1
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