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1997 Mark Dickens 1 GREAT GAME TIMELINE (From The Great Game and Setting the East Ablaze , by Peter Hopkirk) 711 An Arab army conquers Sind 997-1026 Mahmud of Ghazni raids northern India 1175-1206 Mohammad of Gor invades India six times 1219-1240 Russian principalities fall to the Mongols 1398 Timur (Tamerlane) sacks Delhi 1480 First armed confrontation between the Russians, under Ivan III (the Great, 1462- 1505), and the Mongols on the River Ugra ends in both sides fleeing from each other 1526 Babur invades India and establishes the Mogul Empire 1553 Tsar Ivan IV (the Terrible, 1547-1584) captures the Mongol fortress of Kazan 1717 Russian expedition to Khiva sent by Tsar Peter the Great (1682-1725) under leadership of Prince Alexander Bekovitch ends in the slaughter of the Russians in Khiva 1725 Death of Peter the Great and beginning of story that he had commissioned his heirs to possess India and Constantinople as the keys to world domination 1737 The Russians build the Fortress of Orenburg north of the Caspian Sea in order to subdue and control the Kazak tribes 1739 Nadir Shah of Persia invades India and briefly seizes Delhi 1756 Ahmad Shah Durrani of Afghanistan invades India and sacks Delhi 1791 Tsarina Catherine the Great (1762-1796) considers a plan to “deliver” India from the growing British influence there 1798 Napoleon’s invasion fleet departs from France, bound for Egypt and India (May) Lord Wellesley, Governor-General of India, starts to add territory to Britain’s growing empire in India Admiral Nelson defeats the French fleet near Alexandria, thus eliminating the threat to India (Aug.) 1800 Capt. John Malcolm heads up a British diplomatic mission to the Persian Shah in Teheran which results in two treaties being signed (summer) 1801 Tsar Paul I (1796-1801) proposes to Napoleon a joint Franco-Russian invasion of India Paul dispatches an invasion force to India, shortly thereafter recalled upon his death (Jan.) Tsar Alexander I (1801-1825) annexes Georgia (Sept.) 1804 Russian armies lay siege to Yerevan, Armenia, a Persian possession, but Britain does not come to Persia’s aid (June)
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1997 Mark Dickens 2 1807 Napoleon signs a treaty with the Persian Shah which severs Persia’s relations with Britain and allows French troops right of passage through Persia (May) London learns that Napoleon, after defeating the Russians, has proposed to Alexander I a joint Franco-Russian invasion of India (summer) 1808 Malcolm’s second mission to Persia, resulting in a new treaty with Britain that prohibits the troops of other countries crossing Persian territory to attack India (May) 1810 Lt. Henry Pottinger and Capt. Charles Christie travel from Baluchistan to Persia, spying out a possible approach route to India for an invading army (March-June) 1812 Napoleon invades Russia, thus removing any possibility of a joint invasion of India (June) A Russian force under General Kotliarevsky annihilates the Persian army on the River Aras and then captures the Persian stronghold of Lenkoran on the Caspian
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Great_Game - GREAT GAME TIMELINE(From The Great Game and...

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