Topic 4 - Do you also see why this graphical representation...

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*MULTIPLE REPRESENTATIONS IN THE REAL WORLD* You saw Anthony represent the tile border problem in multiple ways. You learned from this specific example that a concrete representation can help you visualize a problem. ** You know that you can use data from a concrete representation to write a numerical representation . Take a look again at Anthony's work. Pool Side Length and Borders Length of the pool side in feet Tiles in border 1 8 2 12 3 16 You know how to look for a pattern in the numbers and to connect the pattern to its algebraic representation . In Anthony's work, this was: *** 1 2 3 4
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Finally, you should have learned from Anthony's efforts how to construct a graphical representation for the problem situation and add a graph of the algebraic representation to it, as shown in this illustration.
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Unformatted text preview: **** Do you also see why this graphical representation will be the most useful to the situation of Anthony's father? It is because it shows the number of border tiles required for a square pool of any size--not just the one needing work today. As you continue your study of algebra, you will be asked to solve many different problems. The first steps will always be to understand the problem situation and then represent it in a way that will help you answer the question you have been asked. To do this, you must understand the various ways to represent relationships; then choose the one that is most useful. You must also understand how the representations are related. That way you will be able to move from one representation to another easily....
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Topic 4 - Do you also see why this graphical representation...

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