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Topic 7 - range for the function rule that models the data...

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*CONSTRUCTING GRAPHS* You have learned that constructing an accurate and meaningful graph requires more than just setting up a grid and plotting points. Strive to create neutral graphs. Create graphs that portray the meaning of the data accurately, and as neutrally as possible. ** Reflect domain and range of data correctly. You now know that domain and range play a central role in constructing graphs. You need to remember that sometimes there may be a difference between the domain and range for the data you collect and the domain and
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Unformatted text preview: range for the function rule that models the data. When constructing a graph of data, your graph should accurately reflect the correct domain and range. *** Set the window to best display the data. An appropriate window lets you correctly understand and interpret the data on the graph. This applies whether you are making graphs with a calculator or with pencil and paper. You must analyze your data carefully to make sure that you have chosen appropriate minimum values, maximum values, and scale for both axes....
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