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*ANALYZING GRAPH* The work of this topic, which is crucial to your success in mathematics, is learning to understand how to analyze graphs and to use visualization to give you an understanding of events that is deeper even than what you could see or have described to you. Tamira discovered that her Memorial Day trip to the outlet mall could be represented on a graph and communicated clearly. People with whom she shared the graph could get a good idea about her trip even though she did not discuss specific details and they had not made the trip themselves. They were able to do this by reading the information contained in the
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Unformatted text preview: graph. **Reading axes is important when interpreting graphs. Each graph that you saw in this lesson was a graph of a function, in which one quantity depended upon another. In order to understand clearly what was happening at any specific point in the graph, you had to interpret information from both axes. As you continue your study of algebra, you will be asked to interpret graphs in many different situations. You will use many of the skills developed in this lesson to analyze these graphs correctly....
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