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ENES181 asssignment 2

ENES181 asssignment 2 - and electromagnetism Computer...

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Chris Minatti 9/20/11 Homework Assignment 2 1. 1. Engineering is the application of science to the common purpose of life 2. Engineering is the process of developing a product 3. The process of solving real life problems 4. Turning ideas into reality 5. Creating or improving upon new technologies My Definition: The application of math and science to solve problems, by developing technologies that are a solution. 2. Physicist - engineering is essentially the application of physics so the disciplines are closely related. I would have gained knowledge of physic and much more. Science Teacher - Engineering would provide a strong background in science and math which would most definitely be sufficient enough to be a teacher. Entrepreneur - A BS in engineering would have taught me the skills to generate ideas and use them to create something useful. I could use these ideas for as an Entrepreneur. 3. Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter 4. Electrical engineering is the study and application of electronic, electricity,
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Unformatted text preview: and electromagnetism. Computer engineering is the integration of electrical engineering and computer science to develop computer systems. 5. The average starting salary for a chemical engineer is about $65,000 a year. 6. 7. I think chemical engineering has had the biggest impact on society because it is a profession where new drugs are created. These drugs can be used to improve people’s health and live a healthier life. I think this kind of impact Is important because it helps the wellbeing of people instead of simply developing something that is useful like electronics. 8. Three products I would sell If developed are, an affordable fuel cell car that emits water vapor, a devise that identifies vehicles with explosives, and a system that would not permit an automobile to be stolen. 9. Arnold Seigel built the first arena large plasma screen TV. This impacts our lives because now we are able to build large plasma TV....
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