PM �� - My name is Lars Moller Project...

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My name is Lars Moller. Project Management is something I do every day, as part of my work. I am employed in the IT industry, as a project Manager. I keep getting surprised with every new project, as they are all so different. What makes them different? Usually many different thing, but they have one very special thing in common, which always make them different – The People! Scope, resources, time lines etc. do not vary hugely, but people do. People, as I see it, are the biggest variable in each project. If you manage the people well the project usually goes well. I am your facilitator for Web based tutorials in GSOE9820 and I wish to welcome you to the course. In Project Management we can probably say that there are no two single projects in the world, which are absolutely identical. You can read many books on Project Management and still you may not be able to find the necessary answers to your questions in these books. Therefore our course material is not aimed at offering you a recipe
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This note was uploaded on 10/02/2011 for the course GSOE 9810 taught by Professor Anjee during the Three '09 term at University of New South Wales.

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PM �� - My name is Lars Moller Project...

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