History 5 Lecture 2 - History 5 Lecture 2 The Black Death...

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History 5 Lecture 2 The Black Death Historians believe it is the bubonic plague, spread by rats This view has been challenged epidemiologically, no idea what it actually was Arrived in Sicily in 1347, and spread throughout Europe Large Divisions in Europe South vs. North Great ancient nations such as Rome and Greece are in the state, based around the Mediterranean Due to lack of open sea faring ships, the Med allowed these states to achieve trade via coastal trading Southern Europe was able to develop urban, sophisticated cities based on commerce Became centers of learning due to contact with Islamic cultures via the Med who were more technologically advanced South also had diverse agricultural commerce due to diverse climate Grains and wheat but also olives and grapes Only one country in the North—the Netherlands—had access to the sea and ports Largest source of commerce for Northern countries was grain, they had very fertile soil Wheat, rye, and barley Consumed in the forms of bread, porridge, and beer North had to use heavy iron plows, pulled by teams of horses, to plow which are very expensive and unaffordable Communities had to invest together and this sharing of resources became fundamental in the north [in the south, everybody had their own cheaper equipment] The north developed “strip fields and nucleated villages” This system of agriculture also influenced the political systems
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Village counsels met together to decide how to share such resources South is based more on class, North is based on common sharing amongst peasants France is the only country kind of in both fields, this has shaped French history East vs. West One way to divide the east vs west is by language and ethnicity
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History 5 Lecture 2 - History 5 Lecture 2 The Black Death...

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