History 5 Lecture 5

History 5 Lecture 5 - History 5 Lecture 5 In 1517, a...

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History 5 Lecture 5 In 1517, a professor of Theology named Martin Luther challenged the teaching of the Catholic Church on the practice of indulgences sparking a revolution in Christianity What is Christianity? Original sin: humanity expelled from paradise How can humanity re-enter paradise and be saved while deserving damnation? Deus homo, both man and God, satisfies God’s justice while earning God’s mercy Can be punished on behalf of the rest of the human beings, in so doing, earning God’s mercy for the people Acceptance of the sacrifice of the God-man allows human beings to partake of that sacrifice and be saved What is the Church? A corporate institution that might facilitate belief in Deus homo and his sacrifice The church holds the “keys to the kingdom of heaven”: some form of authority over salvation Jesus describes religion as corporate rather than individual What was the function of the medieval Catholic Church? It offers the path to salvation through sacraments Most important is the communion which is given during mass Mass is given in Latin Reenacting the sacrifice of Jesus It offers remission of sins committed during life Confess and do penance Prayers for souls in purgatory Organize society according to Christian principles The fundamental dilemma of organized Christianity: the institution which helps people enter paradise remains trapped in a fallen world
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Luther’s challenge People have to do a lot for Christianity and to get to heaven, but people are incapable of “earning” their salvation It belittles the Deus homo, all salvation comes from the moment when Jesus died for us All you have to do is believe, no sacraments, no confession, etc. Luther’s Three Pillars
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History 5 Lecture 5 - History 5 Lecture 5 In 1517, a...

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