History 5 Lecture 8 - History 5 Lecture 8 Introduction...

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History 5 Lecture 8 Introduction Globalization Long distance travel and trade became normal How would Europeans deal with the people they encountered throughout the world? The English experience with the American colonies is insignificant Spanish and English models Conquistadores vs. Planters Spanish referred to themselves as conquerors while English are planters Two very different kinds of meanings, both not very nice though anyways Spanish acquire an empire over people, English acquire empire over land and then populate it with their own people Principle agent of the Spanish empire was the state, it was government run The people of this new state are natives English came with families and established homesteads If the English had found large polities like the Spanish did and vast quantities of silver, they would have done the same thing as the Spanish did The North American Atlantic coast lacked precious metals and established states of native people This means that English had to go and farm the land They never lived alongside Native Americans, almost always made them slaves or kicked them out When Englishmen immigrated to the New World, they were given grants of land When Spaniards immigrated, they were given the encomienda system, or laborers Interracial Marriage The English absolutely opposed interracial marriages, because they just wanted to create a new England in the new World
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The Spanish wanted to create a new ruling class The best way to do that was marry the conquerors to the daughters of the indigenous nobility Also necessary because there were no women colonists This would also promote the process of conversion English experience in the New World was extremely inward, they wanted to pretend that there were no natives, but still there was a lot of trade and growth of tobacco Spanish was still coercive and nonconsensual, but still it was one of genuine cultural
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History 5 Lecture 8 - History 5 Lecture 8 Introduction...

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