History 5 Lecture 12

History 5 Lecture 12 - History 5 Lecture 12 What is...

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History 5 Lecture 12 What is Enlightenment? Kant – man’s emergence from his self-imposed immaturity Immaturity – inability to use one’s knowledge without guidance from another Human beings are or ought to be autonomous The tool to do this is reason Reason is something that is learned Liberation through reason Acknowledge that it was also a project of power A few people trying to reorganize the world to how they dictate Large arrogance of the people Partisan propaganda The people that supported had very lucrative things to gain Portraying yourself as enlightened implies that your opponent is not A tour of the Enlightenment France and the philosophes Voltaire, Diderot, Rousseau France is one of the most absolutist state so it is kind of odd that the enlightenment started here it makes sense because the philosophers are enacting the enlightenment to make sense of the new absolutist state also makes sense because in absolutist France, there is not much else that these guys have to do except think Prussia under Frederick the Great Kant wrote in the Berlin because it would’ve been censored anywhere else It was not censored because it was addressed to Frederick the Great, who was the greatest patron of the Enlightenment
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Frederick combined autocratic military rule with patronage of universities, middle classes, of lit and arts Britain in the aftermath of the Glorious Revolution Site of a great political experiment People with property actively participate and make the laws Scottish Enlightenment Based on the notion of empiricism You only believe what you can see or prove through reason
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History 5 Lecture 12 - History 5 Lecture 12 What is...

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