History 5 Lecture 16

History 5 Lecture 16 - H istory 5 Lecture 16 Industrial...

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History 5 Lecture 16 Industrial revolution produced winners and losers [lots of winners] o Second half life expectancy rose, economic growth, standards of living, dropped infant mortality, everyone from Europe benefited o Marx sait it was by imperialism third world countries The bourgeoisie [middle class] o Factory owner, shareholder, managerial class, doctors, theatre owners, bankers, lawyers, insurance o Neither elite or peasantry or proletariat o Rich Relatively small portion of population o Vast new capitalist class moved to center of European power o Political power still in elite but society grew around this middle class Politics—liberalism o Characteristic of politics of bourgeoisie Freedom from absolute monarchy – okay with constitutional monarchs Representation legitimized politics Free competition in politics, can debate o Freedom from landed aristocracy, talent no birth Education and hard work should determine status no inherited o Freedom from guilds – open economic system o Freedom from organizied religion – many were devout Saw power of church as danger to freedom
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History 5 Lecture 16 - H istory 5 Lecture 16 Industrial...

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