History 5 Lecture 22

History 5 Lecture 22 - H istory 5 Lecture 22 Int roduction...

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History 5 Lecture 22 Introduction Many Europeans rejected the past that had led to WWI Complete rejection of social mechanisms and political framework Artistic and scientific values, capitalism, liberalism, etc. Modernism – rejection of reason and coherent thought as fraud The treaty of Versailles and its failure Punishing the losers Didn’t want to punish too bad because thought that it could start another war But, US, Britain, and France are democracies The voters wanted blood and vengeance Created a new world that was immediately instable Put Germany and Austria solely to blame and that new boundaries would be drawn to weaken the two nations They also had to pay the reparations for all war efforts for everyone Carving up new states Cobbled together different states into medium sized states that served as a buffer between western Europe and the increasingly violent USSR Inherent problem, different ethnic groups Sudentenland in Czechoslovakia Also took away land from both Germany and Russia who were both angry
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These new states were also very weak with no legitimacy and no power
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History 5 Lecture 22 - H istory 5 Lecture 22 Int roduction...

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