History 5 Lecture 23

History 5 Lecture 23 - History 5 Lecture 23 •...

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Unformatted text preview: History 5 Lecture 23 • Introduction • The most difficult subject for historians • Fitting the Nazi into the history of European Civilization • The Zenith of the Modern State • The rise of the Nazis First a nationalist party, committed to the idea that the unity of the nation should trump class politics • antisot national som means social welfare for the middle classes • appropriating the term som for the middle classes, not about the working class racial ideology • nationalism is not just about the German nation but also about the racial purity of the German people Germany was betrayed in WWI • Betrayed by the Jews Remained a tiny fringe party throughout the 1920s • Attempted to take over Germany during hyperinflation but was slapped down severely in 1923 Pioneering of use of violence in parties like the fascists • Brownshirts regularly beat up communists and Jews Unemployment allowed Nazis to exploit politics and violence in politics • Many people joined in the 1930s and in November 1932, Nazi wins 33% of the national vote • Hitler is appointed as Reich Chancellor in 1933 • Formed out of fear and hatred towards communists • Accepted Nazism as a way of avoiding communism A terrorist action [the Reichstag fire] caused Hiddenberg to give Hitler power • Hitler made brownshirts as auxiliary police and rounded up communists into newly created concentration camps The majority coalition, out of fear of communists, voted in the enabling act giving the chancellor the power to rule by decree without consent of the Reichstag...
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History 5 Lecture 23 - History 5 Lecture 23 •...

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