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History 5 Lecture 24

History 5 Lecture 24 - History 5 Lecutre 24 Introduction...

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History 5 Lecutre 24 Introduction The American perspective about WWII is not true or at least very different from the European perspective The real war is on the eastern front, the true fighters were the soviets fighting the Nazis The beginning of the war When did the war begin? 1935-1939 Ordinarily date it to when Germany invades Poland in September of 1939 But it could also be when Germany begins to annex large chunks of land without opposition Saarland on the Franco-German border is annexed in 1935 Then occupy the Rhineland which is also on the Franco border in 1936 In 1938, the Austrian Nazi party launches a coup detat joining Vienna and Berlin into one against the treaty of Versailles Sudetenland is taken back from Czechoslovakia Neville chamberlain appeases Hitler The invasion of Poland Poland is a new state created by the Treaty of Versailles It had been partitioned into three chunks but was recreated in 1919 to create a buffer zone between the Germany and the Soviet Union Germany and USSR sign secret treaty in which they agree to divide up Poland between them Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact If one invades Poland, the other country won’t stop them Each side was trying to buy time before they go to war with each other German agents faked a Polish attack on a German radio station Sparked German invasion of Poland
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Blitzkrieg How do you avoid the stalemating trench warfare of WWI? Combine infantry with tanks and aircrafts Germans invade Poland completely on September 1939 USSR invades from the East later Phony war The British and French were required by treaty to help the Poland but didn’t
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History 5 Lecture 24 - History 5 Lecutre 24 Introduction...

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