History 5 Lecture 26

History 5 Lecture 26 - History 5 Lecture 26 Introduction...

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History 5 Lecture 26 Introduction Europe began to contract By the end of the 1960’s, Europe’s global empire was almost completely gone Decolonization Many new nations Decolonization of western Europe itself through student’s and women’s movement The end of empire Causes in Europe Exhaustion from the war itself Colonies are expensive and difficult to manage Less and less popular interest in maintaining the empires Emergence of welfare state creates new ideals for how the money should be used Also a self-critique of colonies that emerged after WWII the old racial theories were almost completely taboo scientific racism ended after the holocaust Cold War context USSR in theory provides critique of capitalism Capitalism needs imperialism to survive All of the violence of capitalism is displaced onto nonwhite subjects in its colonies USSR intentionally decolonizes precisely through ideological conflicts in Europe communism One of the goals of the colonization was to create a group of wealthy subjects that were westernized
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We can use European values against Europeans US also becomes a superpower pushing the Western European nations down If you put down colonial rebellions, you push them down into the hands of the
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History 5 Lecture 26 - History 5 Lecture 26 Introduction...

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