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1. Understanding the effects of heat is important for many reasons other than just keeping warm. What is heat? What is the meaning of "temperature”? Explain, with numbers if possible, how heat plays a role in sea level rise, the destruction of the levees in New Orleans, and the Space Shuttle tragedy. Heat is the kinetic energy of molecules. All molecules are shaking constantly, and as an object’s molecules shake faster, its heat increases. Therefore, temperature is the measure of the microscopic shaking of the molecules. As this fast vibration increases, so does the temperature. This has many implications and plays a role in several different occurrences. For instance, heat and temperature, of course, have a large impact on global warming and the rise of sea level. While many believe that the sea level is rising during global warming because of the ice caps melting, it is actually due to the expansion of the water itself. As the Earth heats up, so does the water. And as the water molecules vibrate more vigorously, they push neighboring molecules outward. In
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