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Although it takes a large dose of radiation to definitely induce cancer, there is still a proportionate chance that one can get cancer from a low dose. According to this phenomenon, called the linear effect, since 2 millirem is 0.00008% of the 2500 rem necessary to induce cancer, it will cause 0.4 additional cases of cancer in the population of five thousand. Even at such small doses, the radiation is enough to increase the damage done to individual cells of the body so that it will increase the likelihood of cancer. This is how the linear hypothesis progresses. However, no scientific study has been able to positively prove this effect for such small doses. Other scientists have claimed that cells are able to repair minor damage caused by such small doses of radiation, so there is no real damage done until a body is exposed to higher amounts of rem. Such a small number of
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Unformatted text preview: additional cancer cases, though, is statistically negligible. There is already an existing natural cancer rate of 20%. About 20% of the population is statistically going to get cancer already. This radiation can have a more serious impact on pregnant woman in the population. Radiation received to the fetus is statistically more dangerous. Again, however, with such a small dose, these calculations rely on the linear hypothesis and scientific studies that follow much higher dosage exposures. Essentially, the amount of radiation released into the air through the gases have not scientifically been proven to be of any real danger. To reiterate, previous studies rely on experimentation with much higher doses of radiation and many believe that our cells have the ability to repair the small amount of damage caused by such low doses....
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