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Pffp Week 8 HW - Pffp Week 8 HW One of the main features of...

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Pffp Week 8 HW One of the main features of current Navy warships is the multitude of antennae necessary for the operation of weapons, radar, and data communications, etc. Though, while warships already carry up to one hundred of these three ton antennae, the Navy wants their ships to be fitted with even more. This request, however, comes with several problems: too many antennae placed too closely together will ultimately interfere with transmissions signals, they can get in the way of aircraft and weapons, but, most importantly, these large antennae make a warship more detectable to enemy radar. One answer to these problems lies in Daniel Tam’s seawater antenna. Since saltwater is conductive of electricity, Tam hypothesized that a spout of seawater could replace metal antennae. Using an electric coil, known as a current probe, and a water pump, Tam was able to send and receive signals. By connecting the current probe to a radio antenna jack, seawater “squirted” through the current probe can act as an antenna through electromagnetic induction. By adjusting the height of the
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